The Vision Accelerator Program™ 90-Day

The Vision Accelerator
Program™ 90-Day

The Vision Accelerator Program™ 90-Day

Ready to take back control of your dream?

To let go of the emotional and physical weight that is holding you back from writing that book, starting that podcast, leading that mission… or Bible study group!

Then this program is certainly for you!

The Vision Accelerator Program™ 90-Day is about overcoming procrastination and shining a light on challenges that you’ve struggled with for years - perhaps your entire life!

You will be able to truly see and understand that you have the POWER to overcome any problem you face through The Vision Accelerator Process™, which is my signature FIVE-STEP proprietary framework.

Together, we will jump right in to identify your path and goals and then intentionally set up a personalized framework to state your VISION.

Vision is KEY. If your vision is vivid enough - there is always a way to get there!

You and I will map your path to your specific VISION!

And you won’t be alone…

You will have me with you to give you confidence, structure, and accountability every step of the way through weekly check-in calls and three 90-minute strategic clarity calls.

During your weekly check-in calls, we will celebrate your success and identify the right next steps to keep you centered on your path to success.

By the end of this 90-day program, you will understand how each step of The Vision Accelerator Process™, applies to your personal and professional life. Acquiring this new life-skill framework will continue to serve you well as long as you live. From the littlest things… to the BIGGEST decisions in your life!

By the end of your 90 days, you will have your Vision Accelerator Gameplan™, enabling YOU to sustain your success!

The Vision Accelerator Program™ 90-Day 90 Days
Three 90-minute clarity calls (one call per month)Weekly 30-minute check-in calls

The Vision Accelerator Process™ signature proprietary process