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Check out this new podcast interview of Barbara with Podcaster Kelly Rose Lamb. This conversation is about the physical, digital, and emotional clutter we collect. Tune in here.

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Barbara receives an award as the "Most Impactful Business Women of The Year 2023"

Barbara Hemphill has been recognized by the CIO Today as one of the “Most Impactful Business Women of the Year 2023”. This recognition says a lot about her determination and passion for her incredible work.

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Barbara appears in the Top 100 Innovators & Entrepreneurs magazine.

“Clutter is postponed decisions®,” says Barbara. “Organizing is not about decorative bins, baskets, or digital folders. It’s about the emotion, the memories, or the challenges that live in that clutter, and unwrapping them to find your purpose, your goals, ambitions—joy.”

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Promoting PEI (Productive Environment Institute) and the CPES (Certified Productive Environment Specialist) Program

Barbra Hemphill Unlock Purpose | Ladies Connect | December 4

Getting Organized for 2023

Barbara believes that it's important to be authentic about what you really want. That leads to deciding how you want your life to look and organizing, in all sorts of ways, is a part of that. Barbara started her career in the organizing industry in 1978 with a $7 ad in a New York newspaper. Over the decades, she developed world-class expertise delivered through Productive Environment Institute. Her most recent book is, Walking with Barbara: 30 Emails from God. Barbara is passionate about helping leaders accelerate their vision so they can leave a legacy that matters. In 2020, she initiated a compassion project in India called Shepherds House Ministry which will be a home for a family of six, a ministry center for the people they serve, as well as a center to facilitate entrepreneurship.

Blessings, Barbara