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Accelerate Your Vision:

Leaving a Legacy that Matters

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Barbara receives an award as the "Most Impactful Business Women of The Year 2023"

Barbara Hemphill has been recognized by the CIO Today as one of the “Most Impactful Business Women of the Year 2023”. This recognition says a lot about her determination and passion for her incredible work.

You can find the digital magazine here.

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Barbara appears in the Top 100 Innovators & Entrepreneurs magazine


The Power of Laser Coaching:

Get Clear. Get Focused. Get in Action.

All within 15 Minutes.

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Love It or Lose It : Living Clutter-Free Forever

In Love It or Lose It, long-time organizational experts Barbara Hemphill and Maggie Bedrosian share the secrets and techniques their clients—everyday people, celebrities, business and political leaders alike—have used to dig out from under all their junk and distraction. In stories filled with humor, heart, and success, you’ll learn how to declutter your own home and work spaces, and keep them that way for good.


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Your legacy starts now.

Uncover your vision, discover your purpose, and fulfill your dreams.

It’s your time.

Are you ready to leave a lasting legacy and fulfill the dream that God has placed on your heart?

It's time to let go of the things holding you back and step into your purpose.

Join me on a journey to discover your vision, unlock your potential, and achieve the success you were meant to achieve.

Your unrealized dream is a heavy weight you’ve been carrying for years.

And sometimes, it’s just easier to ignore it. To sigh and shift that heavy weight to your other shoulder. To slip back into procrastination mode, making excuses, focusing on others, and keeping busy.

However, there is another path! And it’s a path that has been forged just for YOU.

With expert guidance and a proven framework, you'll have the tools and skills to turn your dream into reality.

Don't let your dream remain stuck on the back burner any longer. It's time to embrace your purpose and make your mark.


Hi, I'm Barbara

I’m a best-selling author and founder of Productive Environment Institute.

Even though organizing doesn't come naturally to me, I've learned and mastered it and now teach it to organizations and individuals.

The results have been amazing - not only have they become more productive and profitable, but they've also found peace in their professional and personal lives.

Thus The Vision Accelerator Program™ was born!

In this program, I'll work directly with you to unbury those dreams, figure out what's standing in your way, and create a roadmap to turn your vision into a reality.

I'm a super-connector, too, so I'll help you identify the right people to connect with on your journey.

Your passion is my passion, and I can't wait to experience and create those dreams alongside you!

"Progress starts with the truth." - Barbara Hemphill

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Have a nagging goal that you have yet to achieve? Not sure you even want to achieve it anymore but don’t know how to let it go so you can focus on your next? You will leave this 90-minute call with a decision you feel GOOD about.

  1. A 90-minute private coaching call to address one obstacle you want to overcome.

  2. A Vision Acceleration GamePlan to continue your Journey

  1. State your vision.

  2. Identify your obstacles.

  3. Commit your resources.

  4. Design and implement your plan.

  5. Sustain your success.


"On a Clear Day You Can See Your Desktop: Less Stress More Results"

This light-hearted, practical seminar, based on three decades in homes and offices around the world, will provide specific techniques you can begin using immediately to eliminate information overload and dramatically increase your productivity.

Clutter is Postponed Decisions®. How do you decide what information you need to keep, where to keep it, and how to find it? The average person spends 150 hours per year looking for information.

It will all turn out in the end. Otherwise, it isn’t the end yet. -Barbara Hemphill