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Clutter is postponed decisions®. Research shows that 80% of what we keep we never use, and the more we keep the less we use. While there has been much discussion in the media about how clutter negatively affects our personal lives, there has been little acknowledgement of the impact in the business world. Barbara Hemphill’s passion is helping organizations eliminate the physical, digital, and emotional clutter that prevents employees from accomplishing their work and enjoying their lives. This is accomplished by identifying The 7 Information Management Questions that every organization must answer in order to maximize profit, productivity, and peace of mind:

  1. What information do we need to keep?
  2. In what form?
  3. For how long?
  4. Who is responsible for filing it?
  5. Who needs access to it?
  6. How can you find it?
  7. How is it ba​cked up?

About Barbara

For almost 40 years, my passion has been helping people accomplish their work and enjoy their lives by eliminating clutter. 

Productivity Days

Productivity Days are a structured program which provides education, encouragement and assistance to team members.


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