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My Books


Walking with Barbara: 30 Emails from God - Kindle Edition

Walking with Barbara: 30 Emails from God is a book that surprises. First, its author, Barbara Hemphill, a feisty organization guru, and international businesswoman, feels instantly like a friend. And, after you read one email, it's impossible not to want to read all 30!

You will be inspired by her candid conversations about faith, God's will, leadership, and how to navigate the challenges of life with grace. You'll learn about yourself and enjoy Barbara's revelations about herself, her life, and values.


Love It or Lose It : Living Clutter-Free Forever

Finally, here’s your chance to break free from the clutter that’s weighing you down. It’s your opportunity to move from being overwhelmed and disorganized to clutter-free and clear.

In Love It or Lose It, long-time organizational experts Barbara Hemphill and Maggie Bedrosian share the secrets and techniques their clients—everyday people, celebrities, business and political leaders alike—have used to dig out from under all their junk and distraction. In stories filled with humor, heart, and success, you’ll learn how to declutter your own home and work spaces, and keep them that way for good.

Other Books Written by Barbara throughout the years


Organizing Paper @ Home: What to Toss and How to Find the Rest!

From the home office to the kitchen counter, Barbara Hemphill offers a practical and proven step-by-step solution to purging, sorting, and taming that paper (AND electronic) tiger.Her realistic solutions will help you manage every piece of paper or e-mail that comes into your house.


Taming the Paper Tiger at Home, Fifth Edition

Room people have an area they'd like to get more organized. At work, it could be a desk buried in phone messages, memos and work-in-progress, overstuffed file cabinets or indecipherable computer files. At home, maybe it's a dining room table laden with bills and receipts, a pile of articles waiting to be read or photographs that need labeling.


Taming the Paper Tiger at Home 6th Edition

At home, people deal with piles of bills, magazines, receipts, and junk mail but they have no system in place for the non-stop barrage of paper that enters the house. This book taps into this problem and offers easy-to-follow guidelines on filing, labeling, recordkeeping, and living clutter-free.


Taming the Paper Tiger at Work 3rd Edition

At work, people deal with piles of forms, files, folders, and mail but they have no system in place for the non-stop barrage of paper that lands on everyone’s work stations; or if they do have a system, it is one that does not work very well. This book offers solutions to the paper-piling problems that inhibit productivity.


Taming the paper tiger: Organizing the paper in your life

A guide to paper management teaches readers how to select the right work space, throw things out, make action and reference files, use a Rolodex, catalog names and numbers, and more. Reprint.


Taming the Office Tiger

The Office Tiger--that endless flow of work, paper and electronic--is the number one productivity killer. Learn how to tame that tiger and get real work done.


Simplify your workday (Simpler Life Series)

Offers advice on managing time, streamlining one's work routine, organizing one's office, utilizing technology, handling stress, and working at home


Taming the Paper Tiger: Organizing the Paper in Your Life

Taming the Paper Tiger at Home, Fifth Edition

This is a reproduction of a classic text optimised for kindle devices. We have endeavoured to create this version as close to the original artefact as possible. Although occasionally there may be certain imperfections with these old texts, we believe they deserve to be made available for future generations to enjoy.


LESS CLUTTER More Life: A Life's Teachings

Less Clutter:More Life is not a “how to” book — it is a “why to” book. The words in it will be just as true 100 years from today as they are today. It is designed to encourage you to acknowledge your deepest feelings so you can accomplish your work and enjoy your life. Focus on the path, not a destination. Focus on the path, not a destination.