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Clutter is postponed decisions. - Barbara Hemphill


Chances are you’ve experienced a time or two when you were overwhelmed by the physical (and now digital!) clutter of paperwork that has overwhelmed your desk. Follow along as Barbara reworks and reorganizes a disorganized and stressed-out Atlanta attorney’s desk featured on Good Morning America.

There is a difference between cleaning and organizing, and Barbara shares what that is (and how to do it!) with Matt Lauer of the Today show. Barbara also shares how to get super clear on how to define clutter in an empowering, guilt-free way!


Organizing is so much more than just “a place for everything and everything in its place.” It’s actually a matter of easy execution and stress reduction. Follow along as Barbara organizes Meredith Vierra’s dressing room on ABC’s The View!


Join Barbara as she details her FAT (File, Act, or Toss) system during her CNNfn Market Call interview with her focus on the art of organizing your workspace so you can find what you need - when you need it!


Barbara shares the art of “Wastebasketry” with Maria Shriver and how company executives can leverage the paperwork they have now in conjunction with their growing digital (computer) network.


Barbara shares seven tools anyone can use to organize their homes and offices. From medical records to warranties - Barbara has got you covered!


There is a difference between “neatness” and being organized. Barbara shares clutter-busting (and fear-removing) advice with Paula Zahn regarding her three critical decisions that are needed when looking at a piece of paper.


Did you know that Barbara created an Organizing Kit? It allows people to organize in a way that works for them! She showcases it on the Home Shopping Network!