My Story

My Story

I believe you have a unique vision and an impactful legacy that is meant to be shared with the world.

It’s time to accelerate your vision!


Hello! I’m Barbara Hemphill.

I’m a business founder, best-selling author, and your guide to help you discover, clarify and finally realize your vision for your legacy.

If you’re like me, you know deep down that God has planted a powerful dream in your heart. A dream that will benefit so many others - even the world!

But, along the way, life happened - career, marriage, children, empty nest, divorce, loss of a family member, this list goes on.

And perhaps, like me, you’ve found yourself wondering… where does my dream fit in with all of this? Is this even a dream I should pursue any longer? Is it too late for me to create my lasting legacy?

I can certainly identify with these questions!

You see, I felt a calling on my life from a young age. I saw a gap in people's homes (and lives!), and I just knew I could help them. I could see the heaviness of the clutter they were living with that was weighing them down, keeping them from accomplishing their goals.

This clutter kept them busy but not productive.

So with $7 and a mission… I placed an ad in a New York newspaper.

And a dream with a specific purpose was born! I had made a prophetic energetic investment into my future.

And shots were fired in the supernatural realm.

And then the challenges set it… Can you relate?

Because looking at my life from the outside today, you see a New York Times best-selling author, a woman who pioneered the organizing industry (making way for the likes of Marie Kondo!), a woman who built a world-class organizing business empire who has been featured on more national media platforms that I can list here.

A woman who has been able to partner and fund her passion project with Shepherd's House Ministry!

But it’s not always been this way for me.

And what you’re NOT seeing is the young girl who was brutally bullied and made to feel insignificant - and small.

You’re NOT seeing the young girl who struggled with the misunderstanding and confusion of ADHD… well before ADHD was a known “thing.”

You're NOT seeing the woman with a 14-year failed marriage (the first person in my family ever to get a divorce)…

And so I developed coping mechanisms. Coping mechanisms that made sure I wasn’t “bothering” people. Coping mechanisms with clutter that kept me emotionally buried and physically busy.

Coping mechanisms that were meant to keep me safe… but left me feeling trapped.

But God. God remembered my $7 mission and dream I had invested in faith when I was young. And I could hear Him calling me back.

Thus began my process of healing and finding out who I truly am. Who was it that God had created me to be? And how was He going to use me to help others?

And it has been such a fantastic journey while building something great! The absolute beauty is that I (the bullied, ADHD divorcee) found a successful company such as the Productive Environment Institute. A company that helps organizations worldwide create more peaceful, productive, and profitable environments. It’s still so amazing to think about.

And here’s the truth I want to impart to you now. If He did it for me - He’ll do it for you!

And here’s the funny thing…

I’m a musician by training and a creative, “right-brained” person by nature. I love to sit and imagine and get lost in the process, in music, in business, in life… Which means…

I can make a mess faster than anybody! Yes, it’s true!

People think I’m naturally organized, which always makes me chuckle as I can assure you that nothing is further from the truth (just ask my wonderful now-husband - lol!)

As I explain to my clients, the only difference is that I have a system to recover from my mess!

And through the years, I refined my organizing expertise, developed a proprietary process, and taught and trained 8-figure organizations (and individuals just like you!) how to finally tame the cluttered chaos that kept them from their effective and productive futures!


After working with my team and me, these organizations and individuals have used the tools and techniques I taught them to release their unnecessary clutter and 10X their business!

It’s incredible how your impact and income will exponentially multiply when you have processes that keep you focused on what truly matters to you!

And that is just the physical clutter! Think of what you can do once you process and eliminate your emotional and spiritual clutter…

You will be unstoppable.

Because the hard truth is your emotional and spiritual clutter are also barriers that keep you from reaching your goals. They can keep you afraid of even setting goals in the first place. They can keep you busy and playing small.

And that is simply not what God wants for you! He created you to have a dream, set goals, and live in effective alignment with the purpose He has set for you.

And here is the beautiful news…

Just as an organization plan can be created for a business, a plan can be designed to mark out a path for your dreams! A path where you will be able to help the people who are out there waiting for just exactly what God has created YOU to give them!

And I believe that part of my life’s purpose is to help play a role as your guide. To help you uncover what has been holding you back from realizing your dreams, creating goals, and doing what you were created to do!

It’s time to accelerate your vision.

Want to Know more about Barbara?

About Shepherd’s House Ministry

For decades, I have supported organizations with a heart for India, where I lived and adopted three children with my first husband in the 1970s.

For all those precious lessons of life, I am most thankful to God who brought me into this world to do His WILL and not the world’s DEMANDS.. -Leivon Canary Kom

In March 2020, I felt God leading me to respond to a young married man from India, Leivon Canary Kom (Canary), who was struggling to make ends meet in a remote area near Burma and had heard a call to become a pastor.

I connected him with Global Hope India, a missionary organization based in North Carolina that offers ministry training and business development to pastors in India.

Together, we have shipped over 6,567 Bibles and secured an acre of land to build a church facility and future home for Canary and his family to serve their community and share the love of Jesus.

This facility will be Shepherd’s House Ministry!

Our next urgent project is to build this facility, but we need your support to make it a reality.

Will you partner with us? Your donation will help us complete this project and allow Canary and his family to serve their community and share the love of Jesus with those in need.

Any donation will help — and all donations are tax-deductible! Remember the Biblical story of the fishes & loaves? God is in the business of multiplication.