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Vision Accelerator™

— My Services —

Vision Accelerator™

Unlimited Laser Coaching with Barbara ($997 for 3 months!)

Ready to create your legacy?

Your vision awaits you.

But first… a question and a story.

Here is a question I often pose to my clients: What would your biggest regret be if your life were to end tonight?

That’s a tricky question. It causes you to look inward and think about what you have not completed. What dream have you not realized? What is still left for you to do?


Perhaps you’re holding onto a “dream” that wasn’t meant for you. And it’s holding you back. From your assignment. Your promised land. Your next!

You see, for decades, my dream had been horseback riding. I wanted to learn how to ride, but my parents saw that my brother had a natural talent and ability and invested in his riding lessons. (Oh, the years of resentment I had carried around regarding that!).

So, recently, as an adult, I enrolled in a horse riding academy. I was finally going to realize my dream and learn to ride! Perhaps even buy my own horse!

Except… by the third lesson, I was reluctantly realizing that I was not, well, loving horseback riding. Instead, it was feeling like a chore. Most certainly not the dream I had been telling myself about for years!

And that’s when my trainer shared something that changed my life!


“Loving horses is one thing. Loving horseback riding is another!”

Such a straightforward and powerful statement! And with that statement. I was FREE. I was free to focus on my new dream. My new vision. And to create my legacy!

And I have loved horses ever since! (And I’ve never felt the urge to ride one again!).

I let the old dream go drama-free… and accelerated into my new VISION.

And I can’t wait to help you do the same!

Choose the path for you!

Unlimited Laser Coaching with Barbara ($997 for 3 months!)

Laser Coaching sessions are 15 minutes long. In each call, you share a problem you are experiencing or ask a question for which you would like an answer. At the end of the call, you will have a specific action you can take to move forward.

The Vision Accelerator™ 90-Minute

Have a nagging goal that you have yet to achieve? Not sure you even want to achieve it anymore but don’t know how to let it go so you can focus on your next? You will leave this 90-minute call with a decision you feel GOOD about.

The Vision Accelerator Program™ 90-Day

Ready to take back control of your dream, your goals - your life VISION? Through this program, I will guide you through identifying what that vision is for you and then putting steps in place to make your dream a reality.

The Vision Accelerator Reset™ 90-Minute

Life happens. Priorities shift. Sometimes you’ll want to touch base and renew your vision. This 90-minute call will shift you quickly from feeling overwhelmed and uncertain back into power and peace.