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Tame Your Paper Tiger Live this Saturday

Paper. Paper. Paper! Recently I spoke with a new organizing consultant who loves helping her clients organize their kitchens, closets, and garages. Then she said, “But I got a call from a prospect who said, ‘I have papers everywhere, and I just can’t keep them under control!’  The organizer admitted sheepishly, “I feel the same way!”

Today, thousands of very successful, intelligent people still struggle with paper! With the promise of the “paperless world,” they felt new hope. They stuffed their papers in file cabinets and boxes with new hope. “I’ll solve the problem; I’ll ‘go digital!'” Instead of feeling less stressed, they soon felt more because they faced a new problem: a bigger, faster, hidden mess!

Have you struggled with paper all your life? You’ve read books — or at least bought them! I can’t count the times I’ve met someone at an event who said, “I bought your book!” To my disappointment, they often didn’t say, “I read it — and my paper problem is solved!”

Perhaps you even hired a “professional” organizer who helped make your office look organized, but it didn’t take long before you felt overwhelmed by paper again. You concluded that clutter is inevitable and even “normal” for creative people, and nothing could be further from the truth!  

To learn why, register for our event this Saturday Tame Your Paper Tiger Live!  If that time is not convenient, you will receive the recording  to listen at your convenience if you register today. 

Paper is NOT going away soon — and the older you get, the more difficult it will be to manage, so don’t wait another day to change your life — and the lives of the people you care about — forever! 



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