Marirose K. Steigerwald

North Carolina Community Foundation
Director of Operations

  • Barbara worked with us as we prepared to move our office – after 10 years and many wonderful memories in our present space. Our new environment was focused on open, light, bright and collaboration, so we needed to reduce the amount of paper and unneeded items. Barbara was wonderful – she helped our team understand the need for decluttering, and helped us as we “purged”. She was compassionate, caring and firm – and the result was a total shift in how we viewed hanging on to objects and paper that we no longer needed. Our move’s success was absolutely impacted by her work with us.

  • I've had the pleasure of knowing Barbara Hemphill for the past 25 years and have personally used her paper management principles in all of the companies with which I have been affiliated. Our company is currently in the process of moving to a new location, and we employed Barbara to assist us in reducing the amount of paper we move, and also in our transition to a paperless environment. Barbara has applied the same principles she developed for paper management into the management of electronic douments. With the advent of electronic discover, her principles are even more important and could potentially save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in avoiding costly legal discovery expenses. I would highly recommend using Barbara's services.

Tom Henning

Assurity Life

President & CEO

Keith L. Fishburne

Special Olympics North Carolina, Inc.


  • Barbara Hemphill has been a great friend to Special Olympics North Carolina. She was generous enough to do a seminar for our full staff on Taming the Paper Tiger. Following her advice, we eliminated enough paper to fill an entire office in our building. We have improved our efficiency with Barbara's help, which allows us to be more productive in carrying out our mission of providing sports training and competition for people with mental retardation.

  • Our organization has grown by 400% in the past year. Since paperwork is one of my greatest challenges, Barbara’s system manages the mounds of paper that have tied me down so I am free to run my business more efficiently and effectively. I am grateful for this time-saving program and cannot even imagine how I functioned without it. It's as though I hired another person to work in my office.

Janelle Hail

National Breast Cancer Foundation


Donna Thompson

ENESCO Corporation

  • I can't say it enough, thank you, thank you, thank you! ENESCO has not been the same since you left! A week has passed and everyone is still talking about the seminar! You have really made a lasting impression on a lot of people and have made our ‘working lives' a lot easier.

  • I don't often sit in sessions like the one I did with you on Saturday….maybe you know what I mean….always the teacher / facilitator and rarely the student. I wanted to tell you what a divine delight the experience was and God uses you in tremendous ways. Things you said, stories you shared, questions you posed….all were used by the Holy Spirit to harmonize His purpose through you. Thank you for your obedience. I pray I can be as useful to one person today as you were to me and my wife on Saturday.

Trey Baker

The Mustard Seed Company

Chief Cultivator

Christine Dodson

NC Conference of United Methodist Church


  • In preparation for an office move after inhabiting the same building for over 40 years, we enlisted the help of Barbara Hemphill to coach us on preparing for the move and setting up an efficient and productive environment in our new facility. Barbara spent a day with us teaching us how to think about our storage needs and then cleaning out clutter for the rest of the day. Though I had spent time prior to the Productive Environment Day trying to gauge how much paper and other materials we have on hand, I grossly underestimated the volume once we had our hands in the clutter! Over about five hours after our Productive Environment seminar, our staff of about 25 people cleared out an astounding three and a half tons of materials for shredding, recycling or trash. We had so much underestimated that we have planned another Productive Environment Day to finish clearing and organizing before our office move. I am deeply appreciative to Barbara Hemphill for her prompting and leadership and am planning more time after our move to focus on organizing our electronic storage as well.

  • Today Barbara Hemphill came back into my home, almost a year and a half since she first came, to help me make a decision about every piece of paper that was stacked on and around my desk. She had helped me put a system in place when she first came. I was using it successfully for several months until my father became ill and passed away shortly thereafter. It took me a while to get over the shock of his death and try to get back to running my business. When I did, I went back to my old, very ingrained habits. They have been slowly choking me and jeopardizing the success of my business ever since. Barbara had been asking me about how I was doing with the systems we had put in place, and I kept putting her off because I was too embarrassed to tell her the truth. I am so grateful that I finally let her know I needed her help again. After four hours in my office today, I'm back on track. I even sat at my desk to work tonight for the first time since my dad died. It felt great! Thank you Barbara, for your gentle nudges and for believing in me. You are a Godsend.

Helen Moses

Command Communication


Carolyn Vale

  • Barbara Hemphill is a force of nature. When she appeared on my doorstep, it had been 25 years since the first time she had come to put some order into the chaos of my paperwork - not only was my paperwork out of control again but I had had 25 additional years to accumulate more - LOTS more. For two days she worked with me and cajoled me into trying to wrap my brain around her incredible paper finding system. My brain had trouble "getting it" at first and she has only been gone for 24 hours but today I gave the system a try on my own and I have to say IT WORKS and it's AMAZING. I have been able to find a certain piece of paper in seconds where a week ago it might have taken me hours. I'm still in a state of stunned disbelief.

  • For most people, personal organization of life's clutter is intimidating and daunting. Barbara Shared her clutter remedies as simple steps and actions that our attendees felt they could implement immediately to lessen their clutter anxiety and get control of their environments -- personally and professional. She assured staff and volunteers that even if they weren't an organized person by nature, it is possible to accomplish a life with order.

Andrea Reno


Director of Special Projects Marketing & Communications

  • You are such a blessing! We are so honored that a master organizer as accomplished as you came to us and gave us a roadmap to success. We are so thankful for this unique opportunity to learn from the BEST! Your methodology is world class and we plan to implement it at various levels as we move forward. Thank you!

Shaun Kurian

Redimere Films


  • Can you believe it's been two years since you put me into business? Carla and I are thriving...and more clutter-free than ever thanks to you.

Brian Kurtz

Titans Marketing


  • Barbara Hemphill is a beautiful blessing to all who listen. She helped transform my life with her simple yet powerful formula to conquer clutter. Less Clutter More Life is Barbara’s crowning achievement as a writer and lifestyle pioneer. I love the feel and spirit of this book.

Bill Leslie


News Anchor

  • Thank you so much for your support. I'm not where I want to be, but I'm better than when you found me!

Jane Almon


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