Bushido Business

“Bushido” was the traditional code of the Japanese samurai, stressing seven traits: honesty and justice, heroic courage, compassion, polite courtesy, complete sincerity, honor, and [...]

Taming the Office Tiger

The Office Tiger–that endless flow of work, paper and electronic–is the number one productivity killer. Learn how to tame that tiger and get real work done.    

Simplify Your Workday

Looking for a way to cope? Succeeding at your job doesn’t have to mean endless hours and stress-filled days. Simply Your Workday offers hundreds of practical, simple, surefire solutions for [...]

Taming the Paper Tiger

A how-to book on getting rid of those piles of bills, magazines, filing folders, and computer print-outs that litter our desks, offices, and dining room tables. Taming the Paper Tiger helps you [...]