Do You Need More Power?

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Do you ever feel powerless?

Alan Weiss, founder of Summit Consulting, wrote about Superstorm Sandy: “A huge blizzard struck the northeast US and everyone talks of being without ‘power.’ In fact, we were without electricity, access, sometimes water. But when we continually say we’re without power, we can in fact, become powerless.”

The truth is that we are ALL without power ALL of the time except for that given to us by God. What is more amazing is how much power He will give us, if only we will listen to Him. In today’s busy, noisy world, hearing Him is a real challenge for many of us.

I first considered suicide when I was 11 years old. In my early 40’s, I ended up in a mental hospital because I felt powerless over my own life. As a child, my grandfather used to say, “God told me…” I was so envious, and went often to my church altar, begging God to speak to me. My grandfather once said, “If you don’t hear God, it’s because you have skeletons in your closet.” I’ve often joked that I became an organizing consultant trying to clear the skeletons out of my closet! I even married a man who was studying theology with the hope that if I were closer to a man of God, maybe there was a chance for me. Then he divorced me, and I felt totally powerless.

Today at the age of 70, I am happier, healthier, and more excited about life than I have ever been. What has made the difference? In 2009, I met Ericka Jackson who introduced me to her life work described in her book “Beyond Fearless.” When we first began working together, I couldn’t sit still for ten minutes to even listen for God’s Word– let alone hear Him! With Ericka’s encouragement and coaching, I kept trying, and sitting quietly became an enjoyable exercise — but I still didn’t “hear” from God in the way I desperately wanted.

Then I was introduced to a video program “4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice” by Mark Virkler. His own story of trying to hear God’s voice was reminiscent of mine, but he found a solution which he has been teaching around the world. To put it in his words, Hearing God’s voice is as simple as:

1) Quieting yourself down
2) Fixing your eyes on Jesus
3) Tuning to spontaneity
4) Writing.

(You can get the whole story HERE.)

Today, I start everyday reading “Jesus Calling” app on my iPhone followed by time in the Word, and listening to spiritual teachers who educate and inspire me. I’m excited to report that I now hear from God regularly, and rejoice in experiencing His power.

My business is a vehicle I use to share the power He gives me to enable other people to eliminate their physical, digital, and emotional clutter. The result is what I call a “Productive Environment” – an intentional setting where everyone can accomplish their work and enjoy their lives.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

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