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Do you think of McDonald’s as a “last resort” choice for having a meal? Back in the days when I was on the road a large majority of my time, I often chose McDonald’s simply because I knew what to expect. Sleeping in a different bed every night, driving a different rental car, speaking at a different location, choosing to eat at McDonald’s was comforting – even if it wasn’t the most delicious food available or the most inviting environment.

A few months ago “Giving Entrepreneurs” network was looking for a place to hold our weekly meeting – it isn’t easy to find someplace where attendees can have conversation in a quiet place, with food & drink at a reasonable price available (but not required.) When our founder, Melanie Paul, announced we were meeting at McDonald’s, I have to admit I wasn’t thrilled.

After a few months of meeting here, I have a totally different perspective. This McDonald’s location is truly amazing – it’s no surprise that they have been given their second Gold LEED Certified award. Actually, the owners, The Richards Advantage, have two franchises in Cary, located at 1299 Kildaire Farm Road and 1830 Walnut Street, and it is the only city in North American with two Gold Green McDonald’s.

My passion is helping businesses create what I call a “Productive Environment” – an intentional setting in which everyone can accomplish their work and enjoy their lives. After three decades in the business, it’s natural for me to walk in any business and assess

What makes it special? Here’s a five observations about what makes this McDonald’s a “Productive Environment.”

  • First of all, it’s the staff. A greeter often checks in with you to ask if you need anything. Everyone is smiling and acts like they are happy to have you there.
  • The layout of the restaurant makes it easy to find someplace that is comfortable for your needs – whether you want to be alone, have a business meeting, spend time with friends – or even find new ones.
  • The private meeting room offers a quiet comfortable place for small group meetings, and can be reserved.
  • The play space is a child’s dream. It’s creative, spacious, and has a place for parents to be comfortable while relaxing or working.
  • It’s obvious they care about the environment. Annually 24,000-25,000 pounds of composted waste does not go to the landfill. The solar panels even provide covered parking for customers.
  • I’m continually trying to increase the amount of water I drink – and was thrilled to see a “filtered water” option with the soft drinks.
  • They offer a variety of fundraising programs for the community which support one of my own company’s key principles: “Together We Are Better!”

Owner Ric Richards says he has followed the words of founder Ray Kroc since opening his first location in 1988, in Woodland Park, Colorado, “If you work for money, you’ll never make it, but if you love what you’re doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours”.  Since opening his first location, Ric’s passion for the brand has only grown in the past 25+ years.

That’s great advice for any business owner

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