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  "50 Ways To Accomplish Your
Work and Enjoy Your Life"

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Latest Articles

  • How to Create a Productive Environment In Your Kitchen
    How to Create a Productive Environment In Your Kitchen If you've been following me for very long, you know that I am absolutely passionate about SYSTEMs (Saving You Space Time Energy Money), and one place everyone needs a SYSTEM is in the kitchen – even if you don't cook! Having a healthy body is essential if you want to…
  • A Valentine Gift for You...
    A Valentine Gift for You... My passion for more than three decades has been helping people to create and sustain a productive environment, so they can accomplish their work and enjoy their lives. So, this Valentine's Day, that's my wish for you – a "productive environment." What does that mean? In his book, The Beauty…
  • Eliminating Clutter is Not Enough…
    Eliminating Clutter is Not Enough… If you’ve been following me for very long, you know that I just released a new book Less Clutter More Life – and you’ve probably never met anyone more adamant about clutter removal that I am. Interestingly, I heard that “How to eliminate clutter” was #14 on the “How to…”…
  • Welcoming a New Year with Less Clutter, More Life!
    Welcoming a New Year with Less Clutter, More Life! At the Christmas Party at Passage Home we played a game called “Musical Gift.”  We all sat in a circle, and when the Christmas music began playing, we passed around a large brightly wrapped package.  When the music stopped, whoever was holding the package was to tear off the first…
  • Merry Christmas!
    Merry Christmas! If you are like most people I know, in spite of the words of the familiar Christmas carol Silent Night, "All is NOT calm, all is NOT bright." While I could write pages of things for which I am exceedingly thankful and the ways I am truly blessed, I could…
  • Less Clutter More Life!
    Less Clutter More Life! As I approach the end of another year – and another birthday – I continue to be astounded by how quickly time flies! It was almost 50 years ago when I first read the opening line in the book The Road Less Traveled by Robert Scott Peck: “Life is difficult.”…
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office-disorganization-costs-moneyMessy Desks Cost Corporate America $177 Billion Annually.

According to a 2010 study by Brother International

A Productive Environment is a Profitable Environment™.

To create a Productive Environment™, you need SYSTEMs:
Saving You Space, Time, Energy & Money™


Barbara Hemphill and her team of Certified Productive Environment Specialists will help you and/or your company:

  • Establish SYSTEMs for managing time, space & information;
  • Determine what information must be kept, in what form, for how long;
  • Implement a 5-Step Process for moving your company to "Almost Paperless™";
  • Save thousands of dollars on training costs during employee turnover;
  • Save thousands of dollars on moving costs, guaranteed!;
  • Establish standards for individual office organization, guaranteed to increase productivity;
  • Facilitate annual events that help your staff clear the clutter so they can FOCUS on company goals and decrease legal liability;
  • Implement ongoing strategies that will allow everyone to accomplish their work and enjoy their lives.


Mark Twain said "progress starts with the truth". Find out the truth about what disorganization may be costing your company, and allow the Productive Environment Institute to help you increase your productivity, profits and peace of mind!


To get started, we invite you to complete a free Productive Environment Scorecard™.

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